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Who we are?

At Quality Photonic Optics, we’re setting new industry standards through our proprietary technology of photonic integration. We specialize in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of optical encapsulation for photonics components, utilizing advanced optical materials and a groundbreaking encapsulation manufacturing process. This unique approach enables us to produce optical components with superior qualities, such as enhanced light emission and detection capabilities, at unprecedented speeds.


Discover our cutting-edge technology!

Our solution

QPO introduces a groundbreaking approach to photonics manufacturing by employing a proprietary process that utilizes thermoplastics for encapsulating light emitters and detectors. This innovation not only ensures exceptional optical quality but also significantly enhances manufacturing efficiency—reducing the production time for each Fiber Optical Transceiver (FOT) component by 66% and achieving a 76% cost reduction for manufacturing LED lighting components.

Why Choose QPO?

Our unique encapsulation technology is safeguarded by four patents, providing a competitive edge unparalleled in the market. Our solutions are tailored to empower companies keen on integrating our cutting-edge technology, offering comprehensive services that include design, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing of client products.

Products & Services

Our offerings encompass a range of solutions tailored to your needs

Pilot Line Programs

Our pilot line programs are designed to seamlessly integrate our advanced optical encapsulation technology into your company’s operations. Tailored to meet your unique needs, these programs encompass design, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing, culminating in the establishment of a fully operational pilot line at your facility. This close partnership ensures a smooth adoption process, significantly enhancing product quality and production efficiency with our specialized support every step of the way.


QPO provides state-of-the-art machinery essential for revolutionizing optical manufacturing processes. Our equipment facilitates the encapsulation of optical components, improving production capabilities and product quality. Alongside our cutting-edge technology, we offer expert support for design, installation, and integration, ensuring our clients can maximize the benefits of our innovations with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Innovation and Research

Innovation is the cornerstone of QPO. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of optical manufacturing through continuous research and development. Our collaborations with technological centers and universities fuel our journey towards pioneering new solutions and applications in the field.


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